How To Repurpose Earrings Into A Brooch

Many of us go to yard sales, tag sales, flea markets, etc. The joy of the “hunt”! On your journey you may find some awesome old clip ear-rings. Upon seeing them, they may shimmer and shine, making you wish they weren’t clip-on. So, how can you take those clip earrings and make them into a small brooch? Well, here’s how:

1— Small Metal Pin Back to match Earring color.
1— Old Clip-on Earring
Hot Glue Gun w/Glue Stick OR E6000 Glue
X-acto Knife
Needle Nose Pliers
Paper Towel

Step 1: Turn earring over, use needle nose pliers to remove the clip part of the earring. Discard clip.

Repurposed Earring Brooch Step 1

Step 2: Begin to gently scrape off any glue residue from the back of the earring.

Repurposed Earring Brooch Step 2

Step 3: Using an Alcohol Swab, clean front and back of earring to get any dirt or leftover glue residue off. CAUTION: Make sure that the alcohol swab won’t take off the finish of your earring. Find an area that won’t be seen to try out the swab.

Repurposed Earring Brooch Step 3

Step 4: I used hot glue/hot glue gun to adhere my pin back to my ear-ring because it was plastic. If your earring is metal, I recommend you
use E6000 glue instead. Let sit until glue cools/dries.

Repurposed Earring Brooch Step 4

Step 5: Attach Brooch to your favorite lapel, scarf or blouse.

Repurposed Earring Brooch Step 6